Trip to Travel in Berlin

27 08 2012

Here are few travel tips for your time in Berlin.The best time to be in Berlin is Spring Summer and fall which would be may and September thats when all the people are outdoors and you can enjoy the scenery all day long.The winter however is slightly colder in fact it can be really cold here but then you can enjoy the Christmas markets in December.



Now a days as the war luckily isn’t there anymore people cannot really distinguish between West and East Berlin,here are some middle science that tell you where you are just look on the ground couple stones and tram lines thats a clear indicator we are in the east Berlin.


You look for specific house and find yourself totally confused and lost then you are probably in the east of Berlin why?

Because of the buffering numbering system.The house No’s go all the way on one side of the street and all the way down on the other side of the street.So you better check both side of the street,another little indicator for East or West are the street lamps because on the East part of the they are yellow where as on the Western they are white.So the East still looks cozier warmer but also darker than the west.


Berlin is under construction and it always will be so you better be bring some comfortable shoes.


So what you do when entering the phone shop simply tell the designation of the country you want to call then you enter one of the phone booth’s and you finish your call you pay at the desk and if you want to place an international call for lower price from a public phone booth then you must a card.


If you a receive a call while you are in Berlin this what you dial 0049 for Germany then 304 for Berlin and the rest of the number.


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24 08 2012

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